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Middle-grade sci-fi

Jax Jericho has it okay. Sure, he’s living in hiding on a hippie commune in the middle of nowhere; yes, his scientist dad has been missing for five years; and, okay, Lila Losada – the inscrutable girl next door – doesn’t know he’s alive. But lots of people have it worse. What with the climate-change quartet of drought, famine, plague, and cataclysmic storms, the world is a lot less fun than it used to be.

When Jax’s brother Rob doesn’t come home, Jax starts asking questions – and finds out how bad things can get. GaiaCorp, his dad’s old company, now responsible for aiding and abetting climate change and hiking up prices on life-saving drugs, has kidnapped Rob; they burn down Jax’s home and snatch his mom, too. Jax escapes with the help of the Raptors, his brother’s crew of genius kids (including Lila!). The Raptors and GaiaCorp are in a race to find and use the pieces of Jax’s Dad’s last invention, TitanTech. It’s a suit that can save the world – but only when worn by someone with Jax’s dad’s DNA.

Jax will have to fight GaiaCorp to get back his mom, his brother, and his dad’s last invention – and figure out how to use it before GaiaCorp literally destroys the world.



Young adult fantasy

Sixteen-year-old Cate is desperate to keep from hurting people, but her out-of-control magic makes that unlikely. Earthquakes, wildfires, and windstorms plague her as she travels with her caravan show. There are no wild magicians in the Free Cities to train her – and it’s getting worse.

Trading bright dresses and bangles for itchy gray wool, Cate sneaks into the Union to seek a teacher among that country’s ruling elite, the magician-priests. Terrifying and self-mutilated, the priests are violently opposed to such heresies as dancing, freedom, and caravan girls. There, Cate meets Tristan, a handsome priest who burns with belief in using magic for good. Under his tutelage, she wins control of her powers – and loses her heart.

But she soon discovers that the Union is about to invade her homeland. Now the superweapon she never wanted to be, Cate must fight: to determine who to trust; to control her own power; and to save the Free Cities and the people she loves – including Tristan.